Foaming Waves I and II by Peggy Hinaekian

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Foaming Waves I and II is an abstract seascape painting with dynamic mark-making. The various blue color combine together to portray waves as they break into white, red, and blue. Color blending and raised brushstrokes make the seascape feel calm.

"My paintings are atmospheric calm abstracts taken from nature. They depict the oceans and the deserts. The cool waters of the ocean. The hot sands of the desert. They are painted in such a way so that the viewer can wander into the paintings and feel part of it. They are my imaginary depictions of blue reveries and red desert-scapes." - Peggy Hinaekian

• Original Artwork
• Acrylic on Diptych
• Contemporary Abstract Seascape
• 40 H x 60 W x 1.5 D in (diptych)
• Unframed