How do you ritualise your practice?

Are there things that anchor you in your practice, in order to help you prepare for creating your work or finishing it? 

"I think Chuck Close said, “Quit waiting around for inspiration and just get to work.” Ritual-wise, I guess I always have my art set up; I always have my easel set up, and I’ve always had a studio in my house so I can’t veer from it: it’s always there. My paints are always there so my routine is. 

I complete my chores first because I feel I have to clean that slate before I can let loose over here. Otherwise, it’ll always dig at me a little bit. As far as standing on one foot and spinning over my shoulder, I don’t have a routine like that, but I do know that this is going to be the day and I’m going for it. As soon as I finish my cleaning, I go in there and start to paint."

By Roxanne Grooms


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