​Where Art Meets Neuroscience

Where Art Meets Neuroscience

Art and neuroscience are more connected to each other than you may think at first glance. Both have used each other to help create new elements and further accomplishments.

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A recent study by a Global Explorer with the name of ASM, explored this issue and found that both are intertwined. One example is Color Constancy, which is the ability to recognize color of an object despite the color of the actual light source. Although the wavelength composition of the light reflected from the surface, the color did not change, meaning it tricks the brain into seeing the color of the object despite the actual source.

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Another idea is called Visual Subdivisions. The human brain has different subdivisions that control movement or absorption of light or thinking. It means there are more subdivisions of the color, including the color we are looking at first sight.

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What does this mean? Perhaps we are heading in a direction where art and neuroscience are the same thing. We are not there yet, though, but ASM believes we are heading into a new field called “Art Enlightenment. It’s where art and neuroscience are more interconnected than ever before. It could create new perspectives on how art is created and shown to the public.