"What does being an artist mean? From my heart, being an artist means…"

The Last Flower

"I want the viewer to feel like they’ve been kicked in the pants and jolted to a recognition of wow. There is a philosophy of art that a work of art speaks for itself. It's bold and transparent without any explanation needed.

To enjoy art, I don’t necessarily follow this philosophy. However, I hold myself to this standard as a point of process and pride. It is a standard I hold myself to from the beginning to the end.

I do realism, so I want it to look like what it is. I also want it to have an immediate response of why I thought it was worthy of my effort in the first place. I want people to see that at that moment in my painting that there is beauty and grace in it.

When the painting comes to a close, I must see it as a foundation. Anything, when you look at it long enough, has value and beauty. John Singer Sargent once said, “One’s eye can fall upon anything, and one can find beauty to paint, like the corner of a floor with cobwebs, some traces of dirt on a stained floor with light making magic on an easily overlooked moment.”

What is probably most important to me as an artist is to provide people with these great moments of beauty I’ve found. It touched my heart and I hope it will touch other’s hearts too. My work is to keep myself in the beauty of the world and share this lovely “kick” with others."


Sharing Moments of Motivation As an Artist

"Motivation comes from me being excited about what I will paint. I’m always on the hunt for my eye to find what my heart is excited. There are many pleasing combos of composition and values in what I may be “hunting” for.”

Whenever something hits me to paint it, the work and I understand each other. I’ve found it, and I feel that it trusts me to give it life and beauty. It’s an odd way of saying it, but moments have voices that I can’t literally hear, but feel that voice to the point of relating to it and understanding it.

Without thinking about it, I’m always looking for this connection and maintaining it throughout the painting. I trust it and it trusts me. It's an honor and a responsibility that I deeply value and motivates me in good times and bad."

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