Avaulte Artist : Ansley Pye; Nude Series.

"My nude series is based on the beauty of the feminine form. 

The drip and splattered patterns are a representation of the archetypes, expectations, and impressions society in general projects on woman. Some of these are what we as women experience, and some are things that we are denied. This would be reflected in the positive vs negative space created by the drip patterns. 

The shapes I choose to paint are meant to reflect the overall beauty of the shape of a woman and to honor all manifestations of that form. I do not paint from a model because I want to encompass the totality of womanhood and not the collective expectation or criticism of how a woman should appear. I use color for mood and sentiment, shape and form for content, and technique for expression. 

All my pieces are in honor of being a woman."

I WonderCristianneOut of the Blue IIRed Velvet