​The Gems of Motivation

Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” When I work on my art, it’s not work to me.

"At times, when I feel a lack of inspiration, but it doesn’t usually last long. It’s an indication I need to recharge and gain a new perspective. I use that time to pour through art books or visit a gallery or museum.

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing art in-person and witnessing strokes and hand gestures on a canvas or paper."

"Once in a while, I will be on a deadline, and that’s when I work at my own pace. I put on some music or maybe a movie and just relax and fall into the piece. At other times, I may clean my brushes or organize my paint tubes or even clean out the bins that hold my materials.

With this, I remove any obstacles in my way and it opens up flow into my painting and then I begin from there."

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