Priorities of an Artist

"Art flowing from the heart is my top priority now. It wasn’t always this way. As matter of fact I began to lose this as a priority in the last few weeks. When I was asked to join two galleries and had a show booked in San Francisco. I was feeling sick and it felt like I was no longer in balance. I became too involved with the selling and marketing of my art instead of letting it flow. An epiphany came to me on a morning when I was “just feeling it”.

I cancelled the San Francisco show, pulled out of the two galleries. And returned to the water. Hiking along the coast again I realized how much I missed this. I have one foot in two different worlds. I can't be present in just one. It's my reality.

Water Series: Rising

Second priority. is letting the work cruise itself. The more I stay in the physical world the more I get caught up in what others see in my work, what they want and my increasing desire to be validated by outside approval. I fail at that. “Retreating”, as my wife and daughter call it. I guess they are right from, their perspective, but I felt it was the way for me. I needed to trust and let things happen. I am a lot happier today. I’ve been out in the wild for the last four days hiking, leaving my physical world and I am balanced once again; at peace. For whatever reason, I am creating what I'm creating and I'm good with letting it be.

Third Priority. Let those who market market. Avaulte is just that. I am not the most marketable artist. Fame and fortune are not important to me, and the pursuit of that even less. I have no interest in Galleries If it happens it happens. I don't know why I'm here. I just know that some things are obsessed with expressing. and my purpose is to allow that to happen and trust the “Why?” too."

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