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Submit Your Art

How can I become an Avaulte Artist?

It's Easy! Click here to submit your work. To review the submission process, please watch our “ How To” Video. Fill out the application and our team will get back to you within 3-5 business days !

As an artist, do I have to pay to ship my work?

No. Shipping cost is handled by Avaulte. Artwork will be packaged professionally ( AirfloatSystems Strongbox) and shipped via USPS Priority at the expense of the buyer. Your role in the shipping process is to: See video on Packaging & Shipping from Avaulte.

Can international artists submit work to Avaulte?

We are accepting artists in the US only at this time. We would like to begin accepting international artists in the very near future!

What other mediums of art besides painting do we accept?


Artwork Sales

What is the commission rate?

Artists will receive 60% of the final sale price of the item.

Can I become an Avaulte Artist if I am already represented by a gallery and or on another online platform?

Yes, as long as the works in the gallery or another online platform are not displayed on Any and all artwork submitted to Avaulte must only be available on and the artist’s personal studio. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

When I upload my images to Avaulte, am I giving Avaulte ownership?

No. When you upload an image to our website, you remain the owner of that artwork.

Will Avaulte reproduce my images for resale?

No. Any copies of the images you upload of your art will be posted only with the intent to promote your art.

What is in the Marketing Package?

The Marketing Package includes: digital media, Artist profile page on website, Artist profile and product pages SEO, and social media exposure.

How does Avaulte promote my work?

Here is our consumer engagement process:

  • Digital media to inspire both the artists and the consumers
  • Our eCommerce platform is designed for optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that brings the Artists and Values of Avaulte to the forefront of the internet in a digital world where the more visible you are on the search engines, the more artwork sales you will have!
  • Our platform is designed to understand the consumer's interests and match them with works of art
  • Strategic marketing to social media platforms

What is the process for the notification of when an artwork is SOLD?

Artists are notified immediately via email or text once a sale has been made. Artists SOLD checklist is available for step by step process.

What are the Communication Points between YOU, The Artist and Avaulte?

Successful partnerships begin with clear communication. When our artists succeed, Avaulte succeeds with roles clearly defined to maximize our efforts. Avaulte's Role Marketing Tools Network Opportunities Curatorial Guidance Artists' Role Create quality work Maximize exposure with media package Communicate to status/condition of work

Will Avaulte ever sponsor art events such as pop up galleries, exhibitions, or art fairs?

Yes! We are proud to announce our first series of pop-up online events during the early Fall of 2020. We would be happy to hear ideas focused on the amelioration of our platform. For suggestions and opportunities, please email us at


What new innovations is Avaulte bringing to the Art Market?

Avaulte merges tradition and innovation. We use a combination of art, film and tech to create a holistic image of the artist. We have personalised pages for each artist that provide an intimate look into the artist’s process. Avaulte also strives to understand its buyers through a quiz that helps match artists and art buyers; with the intention of finding the best fit for both sides.

How is Avaulte pronounced?

A-VAULT (E is silent)

Who can sell on Avaulte?

Original career artists, 18 or older (painters, sculptors, drawers) of all levels can sell on Avaulte.

Are there any type of artworks that I cannot submit?

At Avaulte, we reserve the right to deny artwork that contains physical materials such as:

  • Guns, weapons, knives and/or ammunition

  • Human and/or animal parts and remains

  • Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia

  • Hazardous materials

  • Mailing lists and personal information, including IDs and licenses

  • Alcohol

  • Stolen property

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