What new innovations is Avaulte bringing to the Art Market?

Avaulte is the merging place for tradition and innovation. We only select from the most committed group of creators, whose artistic work is of the highest quality. We provide a trusted environment, where communication and integrity combine with the growing power of video marketing. At Avaulte we provide the best material to inspire sales and we do this by making sure that the whole community of artists thrives through a synergistic effect.


Why Avaulte is an Art Community and not just another online sale website

Avaulte is a New Concept: We believe in the power of synergy

With a 5% Support Commission, Avaulte has crafted a completely new environment where each artist has the chance to benefit financially from sales of not just their own product. When you, the artist promote other Avaulte artists, you promote yourself and the whole Avaulte community. When everyone works toward the success of the Avaulte Community, everyone makes money on the deal!


What is the commission rate?

Artists will receive 60% of the final sale price of the item. 


Is it true that I can get a commission on another artist’s sale?

Yes! Artists will receive 5% commission of the final sale price of any sale they bring to Avaulte apart from their own art.  


How does Avaulte promote my work?

Here is our consumer engagement process:

  • Our eCommerce platform is designed for optimal SEO and CRM (marketing tools)

  • Strategic marketing to social media platforms

  • Our platform is designed to understand the consumer's interests and match them with works of art

  • Video production


How can I become an Avaulte artist?

It's Easy! Click the following https://www.avaulte.com/artist-submission-form/ to submit your work.Fill out the application and our team will get back to you within 3-5 business days!


Who can sell on Avaulte?

Original career artists (painters, sculptors, sketch artists) of all levels can sell on Avaulte.


How old do I have to be to submit artwork?

You must be 18 or older to submit an original artwork.


Are there pricing guidelines? A price range that all artwork should fall within?

Yes, the Pricing Algorithm is created by our Curators and aligns with the latest market standards. We accept pre-established prices after studying the sales history of the artist.


Can I become an Avaulte artist if I am already represented by a gallery and or on another online platform?

You may, as long as the works in the gallery are not displayed on Avaulte.com. Any artwork submitted to Avaulte must only be available on Avaulte.com and not on any other online platform or physical gallery for it to be accepted. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.


What is the criteria for submission acceptance?

To become an Avaulte artist, you will need to:

  • Submit some basic profile information along with 4 available for sale works with images.

  • After we receive your application, our curators will determine you are a right fit to join our community of artists. We are looking for dedicated career artists with an understanding of their medium(s) and a body of work that demonstrates originality, creativity, and strong conceptual skills.

  • You will be required to fill out an artist 1099 form before selling your art on Avaulte.

Works available for sale on Avaulte must be properly wired for mounting to be purchased immediately. 


As an artist, do I have to pay to ship my work?

No. Shipping cost is handled by Avaulte. Your role in the shipping process is to:

  • Ship your artwork (within 3 to 5 business days after it's purchased) using packaging that is provided by Avaulte(Strongbox™ by Airfloat Systems).

  • Attach the prepaid mailing label supplied by Avaulte to the box and include a signed Certificate of Authenticity within the box.

  • Drop off the box at your nearest United States Post Office or Postal Annex facility and your artwork will be on it's way to the buyer!

Knowing that shipping is provided by Avaulte, is the art insured?

Yes, the art is insured under priority mail prepaid label sent to the artist. For more details see the Artists, Why Avaulte? video located here.


What is the return policy for artwork sold?

For returns, please see the Consumer FAQ located here.


Is the submission process the same for international sales? Or is it US only at this time?

We are accepting artists in the US only at this time. We would like to begin accepting international artists in the very near future!


 When I upload my images to Avaulte, am I giving Avaulte ownership?

No. When you upload an image to our website, you remain the owner of that artwork.


Can my artwork be denied for any reason?

At Avaulte, we reserve the right to deny artwork that contains physical materials such as:

  • Guns, weapons, knives and/or ammunition

  • Human and/or animal parts and remains

  • Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia

  • Hazardous materials

  • Mailing lists and personal information, including IDs and licenses

  • Alcohol

  • Stolen property


Can I use an ALIAS to sell on Avaulte?

Yes. However, we will need your legal name in order to provide you with any payments resulting from a sale of your work.


How many works do I need for my profile?

At least 4 works need to be available for sale on your profile.


Do I have to have an artist biography? 

It is not a requirement, but we strongly advise that you create one so that buyers will be more inclined to purchase your work. For your convenience, we can provide you with a biography template to fill out. Please contact us at artists@avaulte.com to receive one.


Will Avaulte reproduce my images for resale?

No. Any copies of the images you upload of your art will be posted only with the intent to promote your art. Only original pieces of artwork are sold by Avaulte.


Do I have to export my email list to Avaulte?

No, but if you would like to include a friend or family member in your circle, we will provide an email template for you to send out so they can opt in.

Hint: Referrals are an additional opportunity for you to make money!


Why is my artwork flagged?

While we don’t restrict any type of content on Avaulte, we do flag items that may contain graphic violence, extreme sexual content, or extreme language. This doesn’t mean your artwork can’t be viewed online, it just gives our consumers a bit of a “heads up” before they see something that might make them uncomfortable.


When a client buys online, does the pricing algorithm add sales tax if applicable? Does it also show and add shipping charges based on the piece sold and destination?

Yes, that is managed through our BigCommerce platform.


What is the process for the notification of sale?

Artists are notified immediately via email or text once a sale has been made.  Artists SOLD checklist is available for step by step process.


When would the artist receive the payment?

When artwork is sold, payment is made through PayPal. You will be asked to setup a Paypal account, if you do not currently have one, in order to receive payment. Payment will be made within 14 business days after the Buyer has received their artwork.

Artists will receive a 1099 at Year End for the amount each artist receives from sales accumulated on Avaulte's site.  


Will Avaulte ever sponsor art events such as pop up gallery, exhibition, or art fairs?

We would be happy to hear any ideas regarding these ventures and how they may benefit Avaulte. For suggestions and opportunities, please email us at artists@avaulte.com.