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What new innovations is Avaulte bringing to the Art Market?

Avaulte is the merging place for tradition and innovation. We only select from the most committed group of creators, whose artistic work is of the highest quality. We provide a trusted environment, where communication and integrity combine with the growing power of video marketing. At Avaulte we provide the best material to inspire sales and we do this by making sure all of Avaulte artists thrives through a synergistic effect.




Why Avaulte is the Center for Artists and Buyers and not just another online sales platform?

Avaulte is a New Concept: We believe in the power of synergy

With a 5% Support Commission, Avaulte has crafted a completely new environment where each artist has the chance to benefit financially from sales of not just their own product. When you, the artist promote other Avaulte artists, you promote yourself and expand Artists visibility. When everyone works toward the success of the Avaulte, profits give Artists more time to create!


What is in the Marketing Package? 

The Marketing Package includes: product videos, Artist presentation videos, Artist profile page on website, Artist profile and product pages SEO, Facebook shop connected to BigCommerce, and social media exposure. 


How does Avaulte promote my work?

Here is our consumer engagement process:

  • Our eCommerce platform is designed for optimal SEO and CRM (marketing tools)

  • Strategic marketing to social media platforms

  • Our platform is designed to understand the consumer's interests and match them with works of art

  • Video production and Video Marketing both for the artist and the consumer


Is the submission process the same for international sales? Or is it US only at this time?

We are accepting artists in the US only at this time. We would like to begin accepting international artists in the very near future!


When I upload my images to Avaulte, am I giving Avaulte ownership?

No. When you upload an image to our website, you remain the owner of that artwork.


Will Avaulte reproduce my images for resale?

No. Any copies of the images you upload of your art will be posted only with the intent to promote your art. Only original pieces of artwork are sold by Avaulte.


Will Avaulte ever sponsor art events such as pop up gallery, exhibition, or art fairs?

We would be happy to hear any ideas regarding these ventures and how they may benefit Avaulte. For suggestions and opportunities, please email us at artists@avaulte.com.