Q&A with Avaulte Artist Roxanne Grooms

What is Original Art to you?

"To me? An original piece of art is a one-off unique creation direct from the artist’s hands. This can include a painting such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, illustration, mixed media, printmaking and sculpture, etc. And the “etc.” in that last sentence should prompt you to search the internet and find out what you think the different mediums are in creating an original piece of art. And better yet, what you think original art is.

In other words, the art world is wide open and can be defined in many different ways. To pin down a specific definition, boxes in a point of view of what is possible. I encourage anyone interested in art whether it is original, a study, performance, interactive, etc. (there’s that abbreviation again) open up your mind to explore. Be open to all possibilities of what an original piece of art it. But remember, you have to know the rules to break them, or scoff at them or ignore them."

How do your painting ideas flow thru you and what do you do you to expand into a new series or a new phase of your painting?

"For me in particular, I have a propensity to explore the circle. It is such a dichotomy. The shape is soft and tender with its curve and lyrical sense but yet it is highly functional and strong. Think of a wheel on a car. It is capable of moving from one spot to another by being set into motion while holding the weight of a car versus a group of friends holding hands to form a circle. Or, consider the shape of a full moon in the night’s sky versus a manhole cover in the middle of the street. Each example brings a different sensation to the viewer. Therefore, the context is what determines the role of the circle. It is through context where the ideas start to flourish. The circle becomes a character in a play. According to context, which could mean substrate, color, mixed media choices, etc., the circle takes on a role in the play and invites you to play along.

Context is where a series might spawn. I just finished a series called The Tribe. It is based on the dynamics that contribute to a Tribe, which means an interactive group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. The pieces are called, Flower, Garden, Wing, and Love. These elements, in combination or alone, foster growth and flourishing. In all, the circle plays a role as a basis of grounding from which the idea blossoms. All are the same size on wood panels with a similar palette to emphasize family and cohesiveness yet promoting independence."