"Imagine, a place where beauty was captured inspired the artist in me.  This photo was taken in Giverny, near Paris. Beauty was everywhere.

I took 390 photos at Giverny, but why did this picture, capture my attention and inspire me to paint?"

"The first thing that caught my eye were the vibrant fall loves. They dramatically framed a green double door to a house looming above the wall of leaves. It was not only beautiful, it was inviting.

Stairs dappled with shadows of lavender, cool blues, and pale corals led to the green double door. It was done beautifully with cool and warm tones. The blue sky was a complement to the orange and ochre leaves.

This moment felt solid to me. The values were rich and varied and the lighting was magical. I felt like I wanted to stay here. It was peaceful and made me happy.

This is the frame of time I would always value, find beautiful, and be happy to see. That is my job to make tangible and accessible, and infuse it with magic. My heart leaped into this photo." 

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