How can AVAULTE help you?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Packing and Shipping Your Purchase

Who handles the packaging & shipping?

At Avaulte, each artwork is handled and packaged to ensure a safe arrival to your destination by offering cost-effective shipping rates. Your purchase will be delivered straight from the artist's studio to your shipping address. 

Artwork will be packaged in AirfloatSystems Strongbox. Any works less than $1,000 will be shipped via USPS Priority at the expense of the buyer. Any works greater than $1,000 will be shipped via UPS Priority at the expense of the buyer.

In the event that you would need to change your shipping address, please email or text 858-299-5365 with the correct information.

What is the time frame of delivery?

Avaulte cares for all of your artwork purchases. Our Shipping & Refund Policies are designed to have you feel at ease while your order is being delivered in quality packaging from Airfloat Systems Strongbox.

When an order is placed with Avaulte, you will receive an email confirmation with tracking information and an estimated time of arrival. Our easy tracking system allows customers to view the shipping progress of your purchase. Tracking is available for both guests and account holders.

Avaulte only ships within the U.S. See Shipping Policy for more information.

Payment Information

What payment options and account information is needed when purchasing from Avaulte?

Avaulte accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Affirm. The site is secured with an SSL certificate. 

You have the option to either purchase as a guest or set up an account here.

When adding a piece of artwork(s) to your cart, you have 12 hours to complete the order.

The Value of Avaulte

Why buy from Avaulte?

Avaulte is a platform for buyers & artists. Each artist can showcase his/her work and buyers have the ability to purchase original art from these unique, talented professional artists.

Original Artwork is exclusively created by up and coming artists that are featured on Avaulte's website. Our artists and their works have been curated to create a personalized, accessible purchasing experience for you as our customer. Meet Our Artists

How can I get more information about the artists and the value of their artworks?

Pricing of the artworks is related to:

  •  Size of the artwork
  • Type of mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink) 
  • Reputation and different career levels of artists

Information about a specific work of art is located in the description section for each work of art. We also have a Featured Artist section that showcases one of our Avaulte artists and his or her artwork. For additional information about the artist or their work, contact us directly by email  or text us at 858-299-5365.

The Experience of Buying Art

How does Avaulte assist me when looking for and buying art?

Avaulte focuses on creating innovative value for its customers. We understand the unknowns on where to begin when buying art. Each artwork has a display image that allows you to "visualize" the artwork in a space similar to your home or you can view in your own space through Live Preview. Our Art Buying Tips are also great resources for buyers that need extra assistance when buying artwork.

What services does Avaulte offer when purchasing art?

Avaulte makes shopping for artwork more simple by categorizing the "size," "color palette," "price," and "style" in one dropdown menu. This allows our buyers to feel more at ease when navigating the site, and to choose exactly what they may be looking for. We also have an option for buyers to Commission an Artist for a piece that they would like to bring to life.

Artwork in Your Home

How can I see what artworks compliment my wall colors & what they will look like in my home, office, etc.?

Artworks can be viewed on your wall or curated interior design spaces through Live Preview. Live Preview allows you to upload a photo of your wall color to see  how a work of art may look.

Peggy Hinaekian Abstract