Ambra, a contemporary artist, born and raised in Italy. Resides between California and Rome.

Today, as an abstract painter, she enjoys painting in different styles, and not a particular one, she refuses to be pigeonholed, “This gives me the expansion to express myself freely and vastly” she commented to those who asked her why she doesn’t conform to what typical galleries require. Her process is deeply emotional, starting with an idea in mind and often ending with a completely different outcome…instinct and emotions guide her through with no obvious control. Her work has been sold to collectors in USA, Holland, Germany, Mexico and Italy.


Behind the Scenes


It is what you do not see by the naked eye but are able to see and feel by the spirit talks to me and expresses who I really am. Everything around me is a form of inspiration, it is all a form of abundance of spirit and creativity, I see it all as a canvas to be filled. It is a continuous learning experience directed to feeling and bringing emotions from deep within, the goal is of never arriving at the destination, but continuing the journey of self-discovery.


- Ambra Tesori

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